Doing The Right Thing

When people think of banks, doing the right thing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s exactly what Huntington stands for. This campaign was designed to not just let people know of this unexpected postion. It also introduced products and services that demontrated it as well. A more in-depth narrative can be found in the case studies section.


Social Media

Having a presence on both Facebook and Twitter enabled Huntington to extend their DTRT positioning even further. It not only gave them a place to address customer issues but it also allowed them to create conversations using content that was fun, topical, relevant, and engaging. It’s no wonder Huntington made The Financial Brand’s Retail Banking Social Media Power 100 list.


Online E-Mech

Huntington Town

Most banks don’t give much thought to customers waiting in teller lines. However, Huntington took that opportunity to create an experience which became known as Huntington Town. We created a library of characters and environments that could be repurposed for various messaging in a quick and cost effective way. The animation style reflected the very people and communites the bank itself was a part of. Shown on DCN screens behind the teller desks, these short animations informed customers about ongoing and upcoming promotions, products and services, and even what was happening in their own community.

Indianapolis Colts Stadium

As a sponsor of the Indianapolis Colts, Huntington needed a gate that would not only show their support and love for the local team and fan. It also needed to serve as a venue to help promote products and services. By incorporating a football field, hundreds of illustrated fans inspired from Huntington Town, real goal posts on both ends, as well as dedicated areas for Huntington Bank represenatives, we ended up with a gate that was fun, engaging, and interactive. It even came with its own blimp.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Pelotonia Ride for Cancer Cure